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Calling All Investors

The Silent Bull Market

Being a top stock market advisory service, Bulls to Bears works with many small to mid size investors. These investors trade their own accounts via low cost brokerages like E*Trade, Scottrade or similar. Some are investors that were tired of being “churned” to death by stockbrokers who knew nothing more than they did when it comes to picking stocks. These investors had a good plan to go at it alone, but they never expected to experience a market like they did in 2008. All ships ride high tides and the average retail investor took quite a hit on the ride down. This experience made investors very leery of the stock market. The problem is that this fear is now keeping most online investors locked in to the mentality that it is almost impossible to make money trading the stock market. This is called the “herd mentality” and those who fall into this psychological misfortune tend to keep get hurt over and over because they’re sitting on the sidelines at the wrong time. They sell when they need to be buying and buy when they need to be selling.

There is tangible evidence that this is exactly what’s occurring right now. The fact is that while the market has climbed from 6,626 to 13,000 in three years; most retail investors have continued to sit on the sidelines. We are calling this the silent bull market, it is plain as day but, the retail investor is just not seeing it. This paper explores the phenomena and simply explains how to get you on the correct side of trading today's stock market.
Where We Are
During the week of March 2, 2009 the Dow Jones industrial average hit 6,626 and marked the end of a precipitous drop that some say was even worse that the 1929 market crash. As we write this paper the Dow is now flirting with 13,000 and even crossed it last week. According to a firm by the name of Strategic Insight, the US Stock and Bond Mutual Fund net inflows will reach $80B in 2011. This is an estimated drop of 67% over 2010.
Mutual fund investments are a good indicator of what the average investor is doing. Their participation via 401k’s and other retirement vehicles gives us a good indicator of what the small money is doing now.  So based on this report, the small money is moving out of equities when the big money is gobbling up all they can. When that same money that had left starts to flow back in, the big money players will be selling stocks at huge gains and the small money will be buying at the top again. The cycle continues!

The Herd Mentality
Financial professionals refer to what we are talking about here as the herd mentality.  This term comes from a small rodent “the lemming” that will blindly follow his fellow herd members as they jump right off a cliff to their deaths. There is an uncanny psychological phenomenon that explains this and it is called social proof.  Most people do not make  decisions in a vacuum. Prior to making a decision, they always reach out in some way to see if other people support the decision they are about to make. In the stock market this means that the individual investor is going to reach out to his constituency base to see if they are back in the market. When they see all their friends are afraid and are not trading, they won’t either. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy and they will never make significant amounts of money trading stocks. They just will never get it. However, the successful investor conditions himself to think just the opposite. Like what Warren Buffet tries to explain over and over, ”Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.”  He wants to buy low and sell high. The problem is when it’s low it looks dangerous. This is when professional traders stick to their training and buy & earn profits. The average retail investor absolutely must find a way to change his or her view.
The Solution: Bulls to Bears
If the average retail investor had a broker that they could truly trust; one that they absolutely knew had their best interest at heart, they would drop their discount broker in a heart-beat. Why? Because as we mentioned, people need social proof when making decisions. They would reach out to their broker, but only if they know they can trust them. For the most part many can’t tell if their broker is recommending a stock in their best interest or because he is looking to earn a commission. Many of the retailer investors are sitting on the sideline because they have no financial professional to hold their hand and give them the confidence needed to be in the market during these turbulent times. has solved this problem for every retail investor. We are a completely neutral third party advisory service. We don’t get paid every time you make a trade. We get paid for brining you winning trades. The better our track record the more customers we get. That is how we make money. We provide the social proof that smaller investors need to have confidence to trade any market.
Don’t continue to trade the wrong way or on the wrong side of this market. Trade like the professional traders do and move forward now. If you wait until you get your social proof from the media or your friends, you will be way too late to the party. Contact Bulls to Bears today and get your investment plans back on track. 

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