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Member Testimonial Page...

Our clients are also our friends. They become family as soon as they expirience this stock trading progam first hand. We return the courtesy and it shows in each and every stock trade we recommend!

What some our clients have noted...

"I wanted to thank you guys for the "stock pick alerts". I am new at investing and I am buying options. I decided to enroll and this last "alert" on TSLA alone paid for the years service for you guys. You have made me 152% to date! Thanks."
George S. OK

"30% in half a day's trading. thanks Phil! - you guys are awesome!"
Matt C. WI

"Bulls To Bears, just wanted to thank you for your work. I've managed to maintain your published performance withing 2% over the last 12 months, and my account has nearly trippled. I won't hesitate to recommend you. Keep your the excellent work."
David I. VA

"After trading on my own for the past 10 years. I found your service to be extremely helpful in doing the majority of my research for me. The hours that I usually spend pouring over reports and charts have been saved, allowing me to spend less time at the computer while making MORE money. I think the monthly charge is worth it for that analysis alone. I'm almost afriad to say it, but that picks are worth $10,000 a year to me easy. So thanks from a very loyal subscriber.
Deborah R. AZ

"You guys had the best month I have seen in a long time. i traded every alert and ended the month with selling EVERY position at a gain. From the alert trades alone, my portfolio is up 75% in 20 market days. i 've got all of my friends at work signing up!"
Mark C. CA

"Only with BullsToBears.com can a guy hit 20 straight picks!"
Larry G. MO

"I have been very pleased with your service since I started in 2013. Lately amid timid markets, the alerts have helped my trading account immensely. Over the past year alone, my account has risen by an average of 20% per quarter! Thanks Frank!
John M. NJ

"I would recommend Alex and BullsToBears.com's service to anyone... and i have the success to show that!"
Don L. VA

"Bulls To Bears, you seem to know this market extremely well. you've called the past few weeks of trading perfectly. Very impressive. Keep it up."
Jimmy A. NY

"As you guys are aware, I have been with you since you started in 2003 - I just want to let you know, again, that you are by far the most informative and most successful of any newsletter on the web. I want to make sure you get the recognition you deserve."
Bernie B. CA

"As a new member, you guys are on the ball, made some great money with most of your selections after only 2 weeks of service. Hats off to your team!
Mike M. SD

"Just a quick tip of the hat and a very big Thank You for a job well done. You all do your work well and it shows in my account."
Charles S. MA

"I've had the most successful trading of my lfe in the past few months. Your alerts continue to be perfect. I am sending the staff a late Christmas present, I hope y'all enjoy. "
Jesse Brown ;o) AZ

"Frank your making me alot of money!"
Chuck W. WA

Robert M. TX

"After several years of searching, I have finally found an investment service that is: knowledgeable about the ways of the market; reasonably priced; "user friendly"; and empowers me TO MAKE SIGNIFICANT AMOUNTS OF MONEY."
Richard Mock, Ph. D MI

"Your market timing is impressive. You've called the nasdaq perfectly since I have joined. It makes it so much easier to be patient and trust in the trades."
Peter S. AZ

"Great call on LIFC. That was a great ride to $30 from $20. you guys rock!"
Trevor J. NV

"I like your style of playing it safe olding on to your profits. I love your trading style. I can place limit orders or stops and go on with my day. I don't have to sit in front of my computer all day and I make money when alerted to my phone.
Derek M, Canada

"I have averaged 9% on each trade over the past year. I've followed most of your recommendatons. my account is up over four times my origional play money. I have told all of my friends and family about your service. Thanks!
Karl Flores NE

"Them markets have been pretty dismal so far, but your picks seem to be spot on. Whatever you're doing , keep doing it!'
Dave Spence CA

Robert M. TX

"My friend convinced me to join. So far, I'm very impressed. If your track record continues I'll certainly be recommending you to everyone. Bravo so far."
Pierre M. FL

"At first, i was deeply skeptical of the Bulls To Bears Short Term Strategy. But it works - Since June 2009 my average, profits are $50,000+ per year and I have been successful enough so I now call everyday.
Michael F. MN

"I have made 50% in June alone thanks to you guys. You're doing great work, keep it up Bulls to Bears!"
Alberto R. NY

"BullsToBears.com, you guys are doing a great job. I've had your newsletter and alerts off and on for two years now. I was actvated with the US Army for this Iraq Freedom and I can say that my portfolio is beating the best mutual funds on the market by far!"
Shaun E. LA

"Great call on Gold Corp. You guys have been spot on with that company EVERY SINGLE TIME. I'm saving up to pull the trigger when BullsToBears gives the word!"
Dan D. CA

"In 5 trades I managed to beat my entire portfolio performance for 2002-2003. Wow!!! I wish I had found you guys sooner."
Joe K. PA
We welcome you toand send us your own testimonial!

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