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As a member of BullsToBears.com you are entitled to the financial advice, tools, and services we use for our successes. Follow along with us as we trade, analyze and review the weekly events that effect the markets. BullsToBears.com provides our members with valued Market Commentary, Stock Analysis, and Trading Recommendations to provide our members with the best opportunities for success in today's fluctuating markets.

Our professional analysts track, monitor, and evaluate thousands of stocks and publish their recommendations to our members throughout each trading day. Editor Commentary and Daily Market Commentary is usually sent during normal trading hours and Trade Recommendations are passed on to our members throughout the trading day as the market moves. Along with these vital assets to your market arsenal we also create other various methods to help you move forward with your market goals.

At BullsToBears, we scour the market for those select few leading stocks that have formed flat, double-bottom, cup and handle, reversal or other explosive chart patterns. Then, we e-mail the best of the best to you complete with specific buy points.

Most of our stock plays consist of breakout stocks that tend to follow the strength of the overall market. In weak or uncertain markets, fewer stocks break out, and sometimes those that do can breakout above their pivots only to retreat back to them or below them until conditions improve. In strong markets, breakouts can be very powerful, accompanied by a dramatic increase in the stock's value.

Follow along with our Advisor Portfolio's and trade when we trade. Understand and evaluate the reasons for specific trades and events on the market as our advisors see them and react to them on a daily basis.

BullsToBears.com was designed to be a valuable tool to increase your chances of picking winning trades each and every day. No more guessing as to when a stock might make a big move! No more constant screening for possible winners!

Don’t put off subscribing during down markets. Leading stocks anticipate changes in the market’s direction. Be there to seize the best stock trading opportunities the moment market conditions start to improve.

Many say we charge too little for the quality information we provide. So, subscribe today and lock in our New Memeber Promotional rates while they last.

A single trade of one of our stock picks can easily pay for a whole year's subscription!

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